Innovation Network

The Renewable Energy Institute Innovation Network was established in 2012 to facilitate the exchange of information and proposals geared toward the evolution of Japan and the world into a sustainable society based on renewable energy. The network members are experts with knowledge and experience in renewables, energy efficiency, and climate change policies engaged in the deployment of renewables worldwide.
By introducing the network members and their organizations, with whom Renewable Energy Institute shares information on a regular basis, we hope to aid our readers in finding information sources and learning from the members’ experiences.
Additional member information will be added accordingly when the respective members’ pages are ready.

External Links

  • JCI 気候変動イニシアティブ
  • 自然エネルギー協議会
  • 指定都市 自然エネルギー協議会
  • irelp
  • 全球能源互联网发展合作组织

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