Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Research Results

15 January 2020

in Japanese

Since its establishment in 2016, the Asia International Grid Connection Study Group has been conducting research on the realization of international grid connections in the Northeast Asian region.  Three reports have been published over the past four years.


Interim Report (April 2017)
The current state of power trade in the world, examples of international interconnections in Europe and Northeast Asia were described. Furthermore, power system operation and wholesale power market reform to be pursued in the future were proposed.

Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Interim Report

Second Report (June 2018)
The movements of each country toward the realization of the international grid in Northeast Asia since 2017 and the progress of power market reforms in Japan were described. Also, actual situation of interconnection in North America between the United States and Canada was introduced.
Moreover, specific submarine transmission line routes assuming cross-border interconnection between Japan and Russia, between South Korea and Japan were examined, construction costs for each selected route calculated, and profitability estimated. In addition, the possibility of establishing a new international transmission business license was discussed in the future in the viewpoints of the legal system for conducting business utilizing international interconnection lines in Japan.

Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Second Report

Third Report (July 2019)
The latest situation regarding interconnectors in Northeast Asia and the situation in the United Kingdom and Spain, which are disadvantaged for interconnections in Europe, were introduced. In addition, the benefits of interconnections for Japan were analyzed qualitatively, analyses of energy security issues related to interconnectors were examined.

Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Third Report

About The Asia International Grid Connection Study Group

The Asia International Grid Connection Study Group was formed in July 2016 and consists of experts in electrical grid, energy policies and renewable energy from academics, business and research related fields. The Secretariat office function is undertaken by Renewable Energy Institute.


Tsutomu Oyama      Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University

Deputy Chair

Hiroshi Takahashi   Professor, Department of Community and Society, Tsuru University


Masashi Osada    Lecturer, Waseda University (member since April 2019)
Takeo Kikkawa    Professor, Graduate School of Management, Tokyo University of Science
Tetsuo Saito    Project Researcher, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo (REI Senior Research Fellow since April 2019)
Taku Niioka     Chairman, Energy Committee, European Business Council in Japan (Member until March 2019)
Shigeki Miwa    General Manager, CEO Project Office, SoftBank Group Corp.; and Representative Director & CEO, SB Energy Corp.
Teruyuki Ohno    Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute
Observer Hiroshi Okamoto     Vice President, TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.
Adviser  Nobuo Tanaka     Chairman, Sasakawa Peace Foundation


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