Asia Super Grid

Connecting Renewables to the Global Energy Grid

Renewable Energy Institute has been promoting the development of an international grid connection since 2011. However, due to the changes in the international landscape, discussions regarding the realization of an international grid connection in East Asia are not currently on the agenda.

Nonetheless, research and discussions on international grid connections are ongoing worldwide. The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) is developing a roadmap for a 'Green Power Corridor' in Northeast Asia, while the Asian Development Bank and the Mongolian Government are pursuing the 'Northeast Asia Power System Interconnection' project. Both initiatives aim to establish an international grid connection in East Asia. Since COP26, the UK and Indian governments have been promoting the 'Green Grid Initiative / One Sun, One World, One Grid'. The aim of this initiative is to connect national grids to maximize the use of solar and wind power. In addition, new attempts are underway in Australia and other countries to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into the grid to achieve a stable power supply, in response to the rapid decline in the cost of storage batteries.

Renewable Energy Institute will continue to study the ideal energy system for Japan, taking into account new technology trends and changing international circumstances.

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