Joint Initiatives

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Joint Initiatives for the Turnaround of Energy Policies

Renewable Energy Institute works together with domestic and international companies, government agencies, think tanks, NGOs and other organizations to increase the deployment of renewables and call for stronger climate policies and actions in Japan. In 2018, Japan Climate Initiative (JCI), Japan's largest network of non-state actors actively working to address climate change, was established and Renewable Energy Institute has continued to serve as one of the secretariat organizations to support its activities. The Institute also established and runs Renewable Energy Users Network (RE-Users), a network of companies in Japan that promote the procurement of renewable electricity. Furthermore, the Institute also collaborates with local governments and NGOs to help drive the energy transition in Japan.

Joint Efforts with Companies, Local Governments and NGOs

Collaboration with Diverse Stakeholders

In addition to JCI and RE-Users, Renewable Energy Institute cooperates with the Renewable Energy Council and the Government-Designated Cities Renewable Energy Council (GDC Renewable Energy Council), groups of local governments across Japan that aim to promote the use of renewable energy. We provide input for creating policy recommendations and collaborate in their seminars. The Institute also organizes study programs for climate NGO groups in Japan.
The Institute regularly exchanges information with a broad network of global experts who specialize in various aspects of energy issues around the world. The discussions and information exchanges that take place in this network contribute to the Institute’s policy recommendations and help bring global ideas to Japan as well as keeping the world informed about Japan. The recommendations formulated by the Institute based on collaboration with the diverse stakeholders, offers guidance to many companies, local governments, NGOs and others in their pursuit of decarbonization.

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