Renewable Energy Institute (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") handles personal information,
provided to the Institute for running our organization, with due care, as indicated below:

  1. Comply with laws, ordinances, and standards concerning personal information

    The Institute complies with laws or ordinances, guidelines decreed by the national government, and other standards on protecting personal information.

  2. Specify the objective of using it

    Upon receiving personal information, the Institute specifies the objective of using it whenever possible.

  3. Objectives of using personal information

    The Institute uses personal information, provided to us, to the extent necessary for carrying out the following objectives. The Institute notifies objectives other than those listed below prior to using it.
    This, however, shall not apply when using it under laws or ordinances.

    • To inform about certain events, forums, and other special events held by the Institute
    • To present research results and express opinions on policies.
    • To build networks and exchange information with researchers.
    • To conduct the Institute's public relations activities.
    • To accommodate inquiries, opinions, and consultations.
    • To implement recruitment, staffing control, and other activities associated with personnel affairs.
    • To proceed with the Institute's clerical works appropriately and smoothly.
  4. Limit of Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

    The Institute does not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent of the provider of personal information except for the use under laws and ordinances.

  5. Security Control of Personal Information and Monitoring of Staff and Outsourcing Contractors

    The Institute takes security control measures required for protecting personal information.
    In an attempt to ensure safety control of personal information, we exercise necessary supervision over those employees handling personal information as well as outsourcing contractors, to which we outsource all or part of the operations of handling personal information.

  6. Disclosure and Suspension of Using Personal Information, etc.

    Prior to fulfilling a request for disclosing, correcting, deleting, and suspension of using relevant personal information by any party, the Institute promptly conducts the necessary research of that party's identification and others as required . In some instances, we charge a fee for fulfilling such a request, as designated by the Institute.


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