Executive Members

Position Name Affiliation
Founder and Chairperson Masayoshi Son Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group
Council Member Kiyoshi Kurokawa Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Distinguished Professor of Tokai University
Chairman, Health and Global Policy Institute
Ryuichi Sakamoto Musician
Chairman of the Board, more trees Intermediary Organization
Representative Director, Tohoku Youth Orchestra
Naohiko Jinno Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
Member of Representative Board, Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities
Chair of Executive Board Tomas Kåberger Professor, Chalmers University of Technology
Vice-Chair of Executive Board Takejiro Sueyoshi Special Advisor to UNEP Finance Initiative in the Asia Pacific Region
Executive Director Teruyuki Ohno Secretary-General, Renewable Energy Institute
Board Member David Suzuki Professor Emeritus , University of British Columbia
Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation
Amory B. Lovins Co-founder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Institute
Dörte Fouquet Lawyer/Partner, Becker Buettner Held
Shigeki Miwa Managing Director, CEO Project Office, SoftBank Group Corp.
Representative Director & CEO of SB Energy Corp.
Takamitsu Sawa Distinguished Professor, Shiga University
Hiroko Kuniya Journalist
Auditor Kiyoshi Matsuo CPA, Matsuo Kiyoshi Accounting Office

*Alphabetical order

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