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Craig Morris

Craig Morris
Energy analyst
Founder, Petite Planète

Craig Morris is an American-born energy analyst and journalist based in Germany since 1992. He began working in the renewables sector in 2001. In 2014, he won the IAEE’s (International Association of Energy Economists) award for energy journalism. He is the lead author of the e-book explaining Germany’s energy transition – the Energiewende – available at (2012, updated biannually), where he also blogs. In 2010, he founded Renewables International, where he writes daily. In 2008, he cofounded Berlin-based PV Magazine. His book Energy Switch – the English version of the previous Zukunftsenergien published in German by Germany’s biggest IT publisher, Heise Verlag in 2005 – was published at New Society in 2006. In 2013-2014, Morris served as technical editor of IRENA’s REmap 2030. His work is syndicated in Dutch and Japanese.

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