Power System in the Decarbonization Era

14 June 2024

in Japanese

Solar and wind power are the main drivers of the energy transition to decarbonization. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has also published a scenario in which these two variable renewables will play a central role in the electricity supply. In order to utilize large amounts of renewables and achieve a stable, low-cost electricity supply, the outdated power infrastructure and system, which were built on the presumption that large-scale nuclear and fossil fuel power generation would be the primary sources of power, must be reviewed. 

Global research and practice on energy systems for the decarbonization era are underway, with one such system being the use of storage batteries, which are falling rapidly in costs. Renewable Energy Institute is a leading source of information on the most recent discussions and case studies from around the world. It carries out research and studies on electricity system reform and grid developments that are aligned with Japan's specific circumstances.       







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