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Stefan Schurig

Stefan Schurig
Member of the Executive Board / Director Climate Energy,
World Future Council

Dipl. Ing. Stefan Schurig is an architect by training and advises governments and parliamentarians around the globe on the subjects of climate change, renewable energy and sustainable cities. He is a Member of the Executive Board of the World Future Council Foundation (WFC), a sister organisation of the Right Livelihood Award, better known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. Stefan initiated the international policy campaign on renewable energy and sustainable cities and is a member of the Executive Committee of the global 100% RE campaign. Stefan is also appointed member of the steering committee of the World Urban Campaign of UN Habitat. With the WFC he founded the international expert commission on Cities and Climate Change which developed the greater vision for ’regenerative cities’, which he co-authored. Under his leadership, the WFC also opened offices in Africa and China. Since 2015 Stefan also teaches at the Master programme of Urban Planning at the Hamburg University.

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