Webcast RE-Users Summit 2021Corporate Renewable Energy Use Plans Accelerate Decarbonization

3 February 2021

in Japanese

Businesses in Japan and around the world are accelerating the use of renewable energy in their business activities to mitigate climate change. In April 2018, Renewable Energy Institute launched the "Renewable Energy Users Network" (RE-Users), a platform for corporate energy users to share information and best practices to accelerate renewable procurement in Japan. At the annual summit, speakers from companies and organizations that power their businesses with renewable energy, presented the latest trends in Japan and the world.


Welcome Teruyuki Ohno  Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute


Corporate Case Study
[Apple]Bessma Aljarbou  Head of Supplier Clean Energy Program, Apple Inc.
[Audi]Philipp Noack President/CEO, Audi Japan KK DL
[Kirin Holdings Company]Sosuke Yoshikawa  Senior Manager, CSV Strategy Department DL (in JP) 
*The limited release period has ended.

[Audi / Kirin Holdings Company]
Market & Policy​
Non-fossil Certificates:  Toshiyuki Koinuma  Office for Electricity Supply Policy, Electricity Infrastructure Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy DL (in JP)  
Onsite PPAs:  Takuya Horiuchi General Manager, Electric Power Business Department II, ORIX Corporation DL (in JP)  
Non-FiT Renewable Energy:  Seiya Miyake Senior Managing Director, Minna-denryoku Inc.DL (in JP)  
Panel Discussion: Expectations and Challenges for Corporate PPAs
[Aeon]Takahiro Suzuki General Manager, Corporate Citizenship Department
[Sony Corporation]Tetsu Inoue Senior Manager, EHS Group, Corporate Workplace Solutions
[BloombergNEF]Isshu Kikuma Japan Renewable Energy Analyst DL (in JP)  
[Minna-denryoku]Seiya Miyake Senior Managing Director
Moderator:  Masaya Ishida  Senior Manager, Business Alliance, Renewable Energy Institute

Event Details

Date & Time 13:00-16:00, Wednesday 3 February 2021
Webcasted via Zoom
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Supporters Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, CDP-Worldwide Japan, World Wildlife Fund Japan
Participants Corporate energy users, Suppliers, local governments and NGOs
Admission Free  

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