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Renewable Energy Institute promotes four activities to create a sustainable and prosperous society based on renewable energy.

Accelerate the Expansion of Renewables

Many countries and regions around the world are already aiming for renewables to become a key component of their energy mix, making up the majority of power generation by the 2030s. However, the 2030 target set by the Japanese Government in its Strategic Energy Plan accounts for only 36-38% of power generation capacity.

If Japan hopes to keep in step with other developed economies on the use of renewables, changes are needed to raise the national targets, reform the electricity system, improve and strengthen the operation of the power grid, review a multitude of outdated regulations, and empower the voices of businesses and local governments in support of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Institute carries out research and studies on initiatives necessary to accelerate the expansion of renewables, such as the introduction of offshore wind power, construction of domestic and international power grids, promotion of corporate PPAs, and driving change to make solar PV mandatory for buildings, while also sharing its research findings in various ways through the publication of reports or holding conferences and workshops. In collaboration with businesses and local governments, the Institute also make recommendations to policymakers and have achieved a number of regulatory reforms, contributing to the realization of new systems to support this change.

Climate Change Initiatives

To avoid a climate crisis, we need to see major CO2 reductions across the globe by 2030, with ‘net zero’ being realized by 2050 at the latest.

In addition to accelerating the deployment of renewables, Renewable Energy Institute carries out research in support of our policy recommendations aimed at decarbonizing the steel industry as well as other heavy and chemical industries, while also seeking to improve energy efficiency. The Institute has identified a realistic and tangible decarbonization strategy to 2050. It points out inadequate decarbonization policies, such as promoting CCS thermal power generation, extending the life of coal-fired power generation through ammonia co-firing and promoting the use of grey hydrogen, and further identifies the risks of attempts to extend these unsuitable policies to Asia.

Joint Initiatives to Promote Energy Transition

Renewable Energy Institute provides businesses, local governments and NGOs with the knowledge and know-how gained from its research and studies on renewable energy policy and climate change measures, and promotes joint initiatives to realize Japan's energy transition and decarbonization. The following initiatives are three examples that highlight this:

Renewable Energy Users Network (RE-Users)

Renewable Energy Users Network (RE-Users) is a corporate network run by Renewable Energy Institute, alongside key players from the environmental and energy procurement departments of individual companies. RE-Users organizes seminars for member companies, distributes newsletters, and holds discussions among members on issues related to renewable energy power procurement in Japan, while also making policy recommendations to the government.

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Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)

Japan Climate Initiative (JCI), established in July 2018, is a diverse network of non-state actors, including businesses, local governments and NGOs, aiming to realize a decarbonized society. Since its establishment, Renewable Energy Institute has supported JCI's activities by serving as a secretariat organization, together with WWF Japan and CDP Japan.

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Renewable Energy Council

Renewable Energy Institute cooperates with the activities of the Renewable Energy Council and Government-Designated Cities Renewable Energy Council, consisting of local governments across Japan that aim to promote and expand renewable energy, by supporting their policy proposals and organizing seminars.

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Bringing Global Knowledge to Japan, while Disseminating the Latest News from Japan to a Global Audience

International symposium "REvision" and other events

Since its establishment, Renewable Energy Institute has held the international symposium "REvision" in March every year, inviting prominent renewable energy and energy policy experts from around the world to introduce their knowledge to Japan. The Institute also organizes seminars on important topics such as market integration of variable renewable energy, grid operation and maintenance, and decarbonization strategies, where experts from Japan and abroad are invited to speak.

Columns on the latest developments in energy policy

Renewable Energy Institute publishes columns on its website in which energy experts and the Institute's researchers provide timely and easy-to-understand commentary on a variety of relevant topics that are being discussed around the world and in Japan.

Publication of up-to-date information on renewables and electricity supply/demand in Japan

The ‘statistics’ section of the Institute’s website provides regular updates on the state of renewables and the electricity market in Japan. The latest information on the supply and demand of electricity in Japan is also made available through the power supply/demand and interregional interconnection flow charts and maps.
Furthermore, from November 2022, our website shows a map indicating the development status of offshore wind power projects in Japan, which is attracting increasing attention from both domestic and international sources.

Innovation Network

This is a network of experts contributing to the promotion of renewables who exchange information and discuss various aspects of energy policy around the world and in Japan. The discussions and information exchanges that take place in this network contribute to the Institute’s policy recommendations in Japan.

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