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Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Second Report

14 June 2018

in Japanese

The Asia International Grid Connection Study Group* has released today the "Asia International Grid Connection Study Group Second Report,” an initiative for realizing international grid interconnections in Asia including Japan.

Following the interim report released last year, the study has further examined specific route designs and investment cost and revenue calculations for grid interconnections between Japan and South Korea, and between Japan and Russia. The report is the first of its kind to publish such estimations.

Renewable Energy Institute hopes that this report will advance lively debates and concrete discussions on the realization of international grid interconnections in Northeast Asia.

* The Asia International Grid Connection Study Group was formed in July 2016 and consists of experts in electrical grid, energy policies and renewable energy from academics, business and research related fields. The Secretariat office function is undertaken by Renewable Energy Institute.

View summary and full report in Japanese
English summary and full report will be available in due course of time

<Contents> (tentative translation)
Chapter 1: Recent Developments in International Grid Connections and Electricity System Reform
Chapter 2: Initiatives in North America for International Grid Connections
Chapter 3: Interconnections between Japan and Russia and between Japan and South Korea: Possible Routes and Costs
Chapter 4: Business Models, Benefits and Legal Frameworks of Interconnections

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