REvision - Webinar

4 March 2020

in Japanese

To spread renewable energy ideas but not virus, REvision was held as a webcast. International and domestic experts met in Tokyo and disseminated their knowledge and information as planned via the internet.

Renewables are growing fast as the most inexpensive power sources in most parts of the world. In Japan, the expansion of renewables is changing the electricity market, creating new businesses, and taking a major step toward realizing a decarbonized society.

REvision2020 revealed the trends and developments for renewables around the world and in Japan, the situation of offshore wind that was expected to be fully implemented, the role of green hydrogen generated by renewable energy sources, as well as focusing on the legal
unbundling of the transmission/distribution sector scheduled in April 2020 in Japan, transformations of business models for power companies, and the expansion of RE100 companies.


Tomas Kåberger
Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Francesco La Camera  Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Session 1: Global Renewable Revolution 
Dolf Gielen  Director, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC)DL
Kartikeya Singh  Deputy Program Director, Stichting SED FundDL
Thierry Lepercq   Founder, Soladvent
[Moderator] Tomas Kåberger Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy InstituteDL

Session 2: Green Hydrogen and 2050 Futures
Thierry Lepercq   Founder, SoladventDL
Shigeru Muraki  Executive Advisor, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.DL
Geert Tjarks  Head of Division International Cooperation, NOW GmbH (National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology) DL
Jens Bischoff  Business Development Manager, EnapterDL
[Moderator] Tomas Kåberger  Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Session 3: Wind Directions, Offshore Focus
Ben Backwell  CEO, Global Wind Power Council (GWEC)DL
Jin Kato  Executive Director, Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA)DL
Sebastian Hald Buhl   Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, New Markets Asia Pacific, ØrstedDL
Takahiro Kato  Executive Officer, Head of Global Fund Investment, DBJ Asset Management 
[Moderator] Mika Ohbayashi  Director, Renewable Energy Institute DL

Session 4: Transformations in the Power Business
Ken Isono  Representative Director, Shizen Energy Inc.DL
Shigeki Miwa  Managing Director, CEO Project Office SoftBank Group / Representative Director & CEO, SB Energy Corp. DL
Juntaro Shimizu  Director, New and Renewable Energy Division, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryDL
Dolf Gielen  Director, IRENA Innovation and Technology Center (IITC)DL
[Moderator] Teruyuki Ohno  Executive Director, Renewable Energy InstituteDL

Takejiro Sueyoshi  Vice-Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute
Tomas Kåberger  Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Event Details

Webcasted on Wednesday, 4 March 2020
Archived Video You Tube
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute


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