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Renewable energy enhances corporate value

25 October 2017

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute and CDP Japan jointly organized a seminar on Wednesday 25 October.

The choice a company makes about its energy sourcing and consumption has a profound influence today on corporate value and business continuity. Companies that are adopting sustainable business practices are increasingly becoming important considerations for investors, a trend that is driving companies to turn green. Such global investor trends were presented by invited experts in this seminar, followed by a panel discussion where panelists discussed and shared their thoughts on future prospects and challenges for Japan.



Opening remarks
Takejiro Sueyoshi (Vice-Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute/Japan Chair, CDP)

Lecture 1: Role of Corporates to Achieve Sustainable Society
Paul Dickinson (Executive Chair, CDP) DL

Lecture 2: How Investors Evaluate Renewable Procurement
Fiona Reynolds (Managing Director, PRI)*PRI:Principles of Responsible Investors DL

Panel Session:
Investors insights toward renewable procurement by companies

Yasuhiro Matsui(Senior Vice President, Development Bank of Japan Inc.)
Junichiro Mihara(CEO, Representative Director, RJ Investment Co. Ltd) DL
Ryuichi Horie(CEO, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, Co. Ltd) DL
Facilitator:Michiyo Morisawa(Japan Director, CDP/Head of Japan, PRI)

Lecture 3: Renewables 2017: Global Status Report
Christine Lins (Executive Secretary, REN21) DL

Panel Session: Actions for increasing renewables in Japan
Takuya Yamazaki (Director, Renewable Energy Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Hideyuki Kanemitsu (Head of Corporate Environmental and CSR Strategy Unit, Fujitsu Limited)
Ken Isono (Representative Director, Shizen Energy Inc.)
Atsushi Ito (CEO, Next Energy & Resources Co, Ltd.)
Teruyuki Ohno(Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute)
Facilitator:Mika Ohbayashi (Director, Renewable Energy Institute)

Time/Date 14:00-17:20, Wednesday 25 October 2017
Venue IINO Hall & Conference, Room A
Co-organized by Renewable Energy Institute and CDP Japan
Admission Free (prior registration required)


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