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The UK is Phasing Out Coal Power by Expanding RE

20 June 2018

in Japanese

The United Kingdom (UK) is targeting to phaseout coal power by 2025 and is already well on its way thanks to massive deployment of renewable energy (RE); wind (both on- and off-shore), biomass, and solar photovoltaic.

In 2017, electricity supplied from coal power fell to 21 terawatt-hours (TWh), 93TWh less than in 2000 or -81%. Within the same period electricity supplied from RE increased by an impressive 85TWh.

UK Electricity Supplied 2010-2017

UK Electricity Supplied 2010-2017

Also remarkable, since the beginning of the century electricity supplied from gas and nuclear power significantly decreased, both by 14TWh.

In addition of RE expansion, these developments have been made possible thanks to improvements in energy efficiency, lowering electricity consumption by 40TWh or -11% since 2010. And interconnections (with France, the Netherlands, and Ireland), which provide more flexibility to the UK power system at very competitive prices.

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