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Formulate a Long-term Reduction Strategy that Leads the World in the Decarbonization Process

25 January 2019

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute plans to release  recommendations on the national long-term strategy next spring. For now, the Institute submits the following recommendations on basic issues in the hope that the meeting will come up with conclusions that will lead the global decarbonization process (original Japanese edition published on 11 December 2018).
  1. 1. Reinforcing Domestic Emissions Reduction Measures to Make Japan a Leading De-carbonized Economy
  2. 2. Achieving Decarbonization with Renewables before 2050
  3. 3. Announcing it from Japan to Phase Out Coal-fired Power Plants
  4. 4. Decarbonizing Materials Industries
  5. 5. Early Implementation of Basic Rules for a Decarbonized Society


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