Seminar Energy Transition in APAC and Japan's Role

15 March 2024

in Japanese

The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables is accelerating in the Asia-Pacific region, including South-East Asia and Australia. On the other hand, Japan's energy policy towards this region has traditionally focused on procuring fossil fuel resources such as coal and natural gas and promoting thermal power generation. The GX Policy's international strategy, the 'Asian Zero Emissions Community Concept', also retains a strong reliance on conventional fossil fuel policies.

This seminar discussed the ways in which Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia can collaborate together to drive the energy transition in the future.

Program  *English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided.

[MC]Yuri Okubo Senior Climate Engagement Strategist, Renewable Energy Institute

Report 1 Power Grid Interconnections to Accelerate Asia's Energy Transition
Matthew David Wittenstein Chief of Section, Energy Connectivity, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)DL

Report 2 The Future of Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia
Romain Zissler Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy InstituteDL

■Report 3 Renewable Energy Development Initiatives in Asia-Pacific
Ryo Ogawa COO, Shizen International Inc.DL

Ken Haig Head, Energy and Environmental Policy, Asia-Pacific & Japan, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Coffee break (Networking time)

Panel Discussion The Asia-Pacific Energy Transition and Japanese Policy
Simon Holmes à Court  Director, Smart Energy Council
Fabby Tumiwa Executive Director, Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)
Ali Izadi Najafabadi Head of Asia Pacific, BloombergNEF
Teruyuki Ohno Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute  DL
[Moderator] Yuri Okubo Renewable Energy Institute

Event Details

Date / Time Friday 15 March 2024  / 14:00-16:30 JST
Venue Hall A, Toranomon Hills Forum
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Admission Free


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