Bioenergy for Net ZeroDeployment in Japan in Light of Latest Global Discussions

18 January 2024

in Japanese

Discussions and implementation of the energy transition is advancing fast. In particular, the adoption of variable sources of solar and wind power is accelerating. Their prices have fallen sufficiently to allow solar and wind to decarbonize not only the power sector directly, but also the heat and fuel sectors indirectly through electrification.

Meanwhile, the role of bioenergy for the energy system decarbonization is also expected to grow. In the IEA’s Net Zero scenario, nearly 20% of primary energy supply is projected to come from bioenergy in 2050.  What is now needed is to develop strategies by reaffirming the concept of biomass sustainability, in particular its effectiveness as a climate measure, taking into account diversities in energy demand structures and the amount of biomass resources available in different countries and regions.

In Japan, the use of biomass has progressed mainly from the power sector with the support of FiT, but demands for material use such as bioplastics is also growing together with demand for liquid fuel such as SAF. Developing a comprehensive strategy that includes scaling up of sustainable biomass supply is therefore required.

The event aimed to reconfirm the vital role of bioenergy in decarbonizing our energy system as well as to encourage the strategic bioenergy deployment in Japan.

Program *English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided.

[MC] Takanobu Aikawa  Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy Institute

Tomas Kåberger Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

[Presentation 1] The Basis of Biomass Sustainability
Göran Berndes Professor, Chalmers University of Technology / Leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 45 DL

[Presentation 2] Role of Bioenergy in the Energy Transition: Sectorial and Regional Context
Chun Sheng Goh Program Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) DL

[Presentation 3] Activities of the World Bioenergy Association and Experiences with Bioenergy Development in Austria
Christian Rakos President, World Bioenergy Association (WBA) DL

[Presentation 4] 2024, Year of Opportunity for Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals
Gerard Ostheimer  Campaign Co-Manager, Clean Energy Ministerial, Biofuture Campaign DL

Panel Discussion: Deployment in Japan in Light of Latest Global Discussions
Takahisa Yano    Director, Biomass Group, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Shisei Goto    Deputy General Manager, Biomass Material Business Div. / General Manager, Business Transformation Promotion Office, Nippon Paper Industries DL
Masato Endo Advisor, Sustainability Promotion Department, Sustainability Division, Morinaga Milk Industry DL
Yu Kuki    President, Biomass Aggregation
Yoshiyuki Fujishima    Global Chief Researcher, Norinchukin Research Institute  DL
Tomas Kåberger Renewable Energy Institute
[Moderator] Takanobu Aikawa  Renewable Energy Institute

Mika Ohbayashi Director, Renewable Energy Institute

Event Details

Date Thursday 18 January  2024
Venue Hall B, Toranomon Hills Forum
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Admission Free (prior registration required)  

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