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Power Market Restructuring for Renewables Integration

27 January 2020

in Japanese

Increasing deployment of renewables is transforming the power market in Japan. But much faster integration of renewables is required to avoid climate crisis.  
In Japan many new markets are introduced in the system; base-load market, capacity market, non-fossil fuel value trading market, unbundling of incumbent power utilities will be introduced by April 2020.
In conjunction with this development, Renewable Energy Institute will host a conference on Japan's power market restructuring to discuss what is desired to facilitate the integration of a high share of renewables to the market. Please join us.

Event Details

Date & Time: Monday, 27 January 14:00 - 17:00 (doors open at 13:30 , reception after the symposium)
Venue: Hibiya Conference Square(Room 8F) Access (in Japanese)
Organizer: Renewable Energy Institute
Admission: Free (prior registration required) 
* Online registration is closed.  Thank you for your interest.

Program  *as of  21 January 2020. Program and speakers subject to change.  English-Japanese simultaneous translation available.

Power Market Reform and Integration of VREs
Matthew Wittenstein  Energy Analyst (Former at Gas Coal Electricity Market, International Energy Agency)

Power Market Reform in Japan
Takahiro Shimomura  Director, Electricity Industry and Market Office, Agency for Natural Resource and Energy/Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade

Proposal for Market Reform
Mika Ohbayashi  Dirctor, Renewable Energy Institute

Panel Discussion: Power System Reform for Integration of Renewables
(in alphabetical order)
Takuma Inamura, Director for Strategy of Renewable Energy toward the Major Power Source, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy/Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade
Keiji Kimura, Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy Institute
Ryoichi Kunimatsu, General Manager Japan Electric Power Exchange
Toshihiro Matsumura, Professor, University of Tokyo
Hiroshi Okamoto, Executive Vice-President, TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated
Takahiro Shimomura, Director, Electricity Industry and Market Office, Agency for Natural Resource and Energy/Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade
Hiroshi Takahashi, Professor, Tsuru University

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