Workshop Philanthropies’ Role for 2050

12 June 2019

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute, along with F20 (Foundations Platforms 20) and The Sasakawa Peace Foundation,  hosted a workshop  titled "Philanthropies’ Role for 2050" on 12 June 2019.
Roundtable discussions by representatives from foundations in Japan and overseas were conducted and provided an opportunity for local foundations to learn latest philanthropic activities from overseas organizations.

Program  *Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

Master of Ceremony: Tomas Kåberger, Chair of the Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Opening remarks: Klaus Milke, Chair, F20

Welcome remarks:​​ Nobuo Tanaka, Chair, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Keynote speech: Keith Porter, President and CEO, The Stanley Foundation

Roundtable 1: Status of Philanthropies
Moderator:  Mika Ohbayashi, Director, Renewable Energy Institute
Session Keynote: Yoshinori Yamaoka, President, Japan Foundation Center (15mins)
 Hiroto Ono, Manager, Regional Activities Support Projects, Seven-Eleven Foundation
 Hideo Tone, Program Officer, Toyota Foundation
 Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros, Climate Finance Director Asia, Growald Family Fund
 Adrián Fernández, CEO, Iniciativa Climática de México

Roundtable 2: New Business Model for Foundations
Moderator:  Stefan Schurig, Secretary General F20
Session Keynote: Natasha Shih, Social Investment Officer, Gender Investment and Innovation Department,
         The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
 Henk Rogers, CEO, Blue Planet Foundation
 Carlo Papa, Director, Enel Foundation
 Hongpeng Lei, Director, Climate Change Programme, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
 Catherine Brown, CEO, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation


Event Details

Date Wednesday, 12 June 2019
Venue The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Organizers F20 - Foundations Platforms 20
Renewable Energy Institute
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Admisssion Invitation Only

About F20

The F20 platform is an unprecedented group of foundations and philanthropic organisations from different parts of the world, calling for joint, transnational action towards sustainable development, along positive transformation examples to provide pathways towards solutions of today’s most pressing challenges – climate change and a just transition towards sustainable development, based on renewable energy. F20 builds bridges between civil society, the business and financial sectors, think tanks and politics – within the G20 countries, between them and beyond.

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