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International Symposium
Renewables Integration into the Japanese Power Grid by 2030
A Frequency Stability and Load Flow Analysis

17 December 2018

in Japanese

Integrating high shares of renewables, while reducing the share of conventional generation such as coal and nuclear power plants, bring new challenges to the Japanese power system. With the increase of variable renewables in Japan, concerns have indeed started to rise regarding their impact on grid stability and solutions have been investigated to incentivize sufficient flexibility in the system.

This study, conducted jointly by Renewable Energy Institute and Agora Energiewende, investigates the potential of renewable integration in Japan from the viewpoint of frequency stability and power flows analysis. It is based on a modelling and simulating tool-chain of the Japanese power system developed by Elia Grid International and Gridlab for this project with the objective to facilitate independent research from third parties. Two scenarios were compared in the study for 2030: the government’s target scenario, and a more ambitious scenario.

On the occasion of the study report to be announced, this symposium will focus on issues and challenges of the Japanese electricity system, with the invited experts from Germany and Japan.

Event Details

Date & Time Monday 17 December 2018
  Symposium 14:00-17:00 (doors open from 13:30)
  Light Reception 17:10 - 19:00  *for attendees of the symposium only
Venue Base Q (Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 6F)  Access
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Admission Free  (prior registration required)Register Here

Program   *As of 30 November.  Program and speakers are sujbect to change. English-Japanese simultaneous translation available. 


Opening Remarks:
Teruyuki Ohno   Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute

Gunter Scheibner Senior Advisor, Elia Grid International / Former Director of System Operations, 50Hertz

Abstract of the report:
Mika Ohbayashi  Director, Renewable Energy Institute

Presentation 1:
Tatsuya Wakeyama Associate Professor, Global Energy Research Alliance Unit, Kyushu University / Senior Research Fellow, Renewable Energy Institute

Presentation 2:
Peter Merk Power Systems Expert, Power System Operations and Security, Elia Grid International

Panel Discussion:
 - Dimitri Pescia Senior Associate, Agora Energiewende
 - Yoh Yasuda    Project Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University
 - Hideyuki Ohnishi   Regional General Manager, North Asia, GE Renewable Energy
 - Takao Tsuji   Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National  University
 - Gunter Scheibner Senior Advisor, Elia Grid International / Former Director of System Operations, 50Hertz
 - Peter Merk Elia Grid International
 - Tatsuya Wakeyama Kyushu University, Renewable Energy Institute
       Mika Ohbayashi Director, Renewable Energy Institute

  Drinks and light snacks will be served after the symposium.  You are welcome to join.
 *To the Press:  Kindly requested to refrain from attending the reception.

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