International Symposium Offshore Wind: How to realize high integration of VRE on the grid?

16 October 2018

in Japanese

Falling prices in renewables in recent years has driven the penetration of variable renewable energy.  Denmark, known to have ambitious renewable energy goals, aiming to reach 100% renewable energy in all sectors by 2050, has since the 1970s invested in wind power and combined heat and power technologies.  They have also developed one of the world’s most resilient electricity grid systems which has allowed massive introduction of renewables.  Denmark has worked on offshore wind power generation projects ahead of other countries, not only pioneered the current offshore wind development boom, but also realized breakthrough in cost reductions. 

In Taiwan and other Asian countries, efforts to become offshore wind nations are going on as well. In Japan, projects of over 1 GW in scale and discussions on establishing the legal framework for off-shore wind are underway. 

The conference highlighted the technical and policy aspects of Danish grid system operation with high integration of VRE. The global status quo of offshore wind power which is becoming a world-wide boom, was also introduced. 

The conference also focused on Japan’s current policy direction on offshore wind; speakers from the government, local government, turbine manufacturing company and construction company were invited to join the discussion.



Opening Remarks
Teruyuki Ohno   Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute
Freddy Svane   Ambassador of Denmark to Japan

"Leading the Energy Transformation"
Matthias Bausenwein   General Manager for Asia Pacific, Ørsted DL

"Pre-requisite of a Resilient Grid to Allow Massive Introduction of Renewable Energy"
Peter Jørgensen  Vice President, Energinet DL

Panel Discussion
Moderator:  Mika Ohbayashi   Director, Renewable Energy Institute

Takuya Yamazaki  (in Japanese ) DL
Director, Renewable Energy Division
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Masato Yamada   (in Japanese) DL
Vice President, Chief Strategy Office, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S

Iku Sato
Senior Director, Energy Division, Toda Corporation

Hideyuki Wakutsu (in Japanese ) DL
Director, Industry Promotion Division Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, Niigata Prefectural Government

*Toda Corporation's presentation and comments are unavailable for viewing

Panel Discussion  

Event Details

Date & Time Tuesday, 16 October 2018  14:00 – 17:50
Venue Base Q  Midtown Tokyo Hibiya  
Organizers Royal Danish Embassy
Renewable Energy Institute
Admission Free  (prior registration required)  


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