Renewable Energy Institute signs MOU with Green School, Korea University
1 March 2017

Renewable Energy Institute recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Green School, the Professional Graduate School of Korean University.

The agreement mainly stipulates that both parties will collaborate, cooperate and interact for the further promotion and understanding of the most recent developments in the field of Energy, Environmental Policy and Technology.

Specifically, both parties agree to:

  • Share and pursue collaboration in academic research, in areas such as i) Renewable Energy, ii) Environmental Science and Engineering and iii) Green Energy Policy and Economic Applications.
  • Offer a researcher exchange opportunity, with the aim of sharing and furthering know-how in technology and policy issues.
  • Closely cooperate in conducting symposia, conferences, and workshops, to promote institutional exchange of scientific, technical and policy-related information.
  • Encourage joint research activities and other activities

Together with this agreement, both parties seek to work jointly in advancing renewable energy policy studies.

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About Green School, Korea University
Green School Korea University located in Anam-dong, Sungbuk-ku, Seoul, was established in September 2009 as a specialized graduate school for energy and environmental policies and technologies. Following the signing of an MOU agreement with CEEP (Center for Energy & Environmental Policy) at the University of Delaware in April 2012, Green School has been expanding its international network with world-renowned universities in Asia and Europe in the form of student exchange and joint research projects.


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