Appointment of the Council Member and Executive Board Members

10 June 2014
Japan Renewable Energy Foundation

The Council Members' Meeting of Japan Renewable Energy Foundation has made the following decision to appoint ten (10) Executive Board Members including four (four ) newly appointed board members and one (1) newly appointed council member.

A newly appointed Council Member (inauguration date: 10th June 2014)
Name Title
Kiyoshi Kurokawa Academic Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Newly appointed Executive Board Members (inauguration date: 10th June 2014)
Name Title
Takamitsu Sawa President, Shiga University
Dörte Fouquet Lawyer/Partner, Becker Buettner Held
Shigeki Miwa General Manager, CEO’s Office, SoftBank Corp.
Norio Murakami President, Norio Murakami Office Co., Ltd.

The Executive Board Meeting held on 10th June has made the following decision to appoint the Executive Board Members including Chair of Executive Board as follows:

Title Name
Chair of Executive Board Tomas Kåberger
Vice-Chair of Executive Board Takejiro Sueyoshi
Executive Director Teruyuki Ohno
Board Member Dörte Fouquet
Takeshi Kobayashi
Amory Lovins
Shigeki Miwa
Norio Murakami
Takamitsu Sawa
David Suzuki
*Alphabetical order

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