Appointment of Secretary-General

10th July, 2013
Japan Renewable Energy Foundation

The Extraordinary Executive Board Meeting of Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF) has made the following decision to appoint a new Secretary-General who will be the first full-time Secretary-General of the Foundation.

Newly appointed Secretary-General (Inauguration date: 1st August, 2013)
Name Affiliation
Teruyuki Ohno Director General, Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
*Mr. Ohno will hold the position until 15th July, 2013.

(Brief profile)

After working at the Bureau of City Planning, Office of Policy and Information and other divisions of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Mr. Ohno has been involved in environmental administration since 1998. Mr. Ohno has been a leader driving the environmental policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government based on sustainable urban planning, introducing “Operation No Diesel” “Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program” and other projects, which were more advanced than the Japanese government’s meaures.

Joined by Mr. Ohno, the Foundation is even more committed to further accelerate deployment of renewable energy in Japan.

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