Corporate PPA GuidebookFor Business Energy Users in Japan

1 October 2020

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute published the “Corporate PPA Guidebook” for business energy users in Japan.
Corporate PPAs are becoming popular among large corporations in the United States as an effective procurement method of renewable electricity.  The trend is expanding to Europe and Asia Pacific as more and more corporations tackle with climate change globally.
In Japan, due to the existing laws and market regulations, corporate PPAs except onsite PPAs need to be made involving retailers as electricity providers.  Both physical and virtual PPAs are realizable by 3-way contracts between developers, retailers and corporate energy users.
The full edition of the new guidebook is written in Japanese and covers the latest global trend of corporate PPAs, basic contract scheme and terms, benefits and risks in detail.  The digest edition in English, focusing on corporate PPAs to be made in Japan under the existing laws and market regulations, is prepared for global corporations.

<Digest Edition>  (in Enlgish) <Full Edition>  (in Japanese)

コーポレートPPA 実践ガイドブック

<Table of Contents>  (Full Edition)
Chapter 1. Corporate PPAs Expanding Globally
   1-1. Three reasons of corporate PPAs
   1-2. Renewable Electricity with Additionality
   1-3. U.S.: Corporate PPAs by Wind and Solar
   1-4. Europe: Growing in EU Member States
   1-5. Japan: Corporate PPAs Involving Retailers
       1-6. China: Requiring Government Approval
Chapter 2. Contract Scheme of Corporate PPAs
   2-1. Physical PPAs
   2-2. Virtual PPAs
   2-3. Corporate PPAs in Japan
   2-4. Green Tariffs in the U.S.
   2-5. Cross-border PPAs in Europe
      2-6. Aggregated Procurement Model
Chapter 3. Procedures and Terms of Corporate PPAs
   3-1. Basic process and requirement
   3-2. Contract Terms
   3-3. Contract Scheme in Japan
Chapter 4. Benefits and Risks
   4-1. Benefits: Economical, Sustainable, Brand Value
   4-2. Risks: Generation, Price, Performance etc.
   4-3. Risk Mitigation Measures in the U.S.


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