The Rise of Renewable Energy and Fall of Nuclear PowerCompetition of Low Carbon Technologies

6 February 2019

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute releases a new report today: “The Rise of Renewable Energy and Fall of Nuclear Power, Competition of Low Carbon Technologies.”
Because of climate change only low carbon technologies should now be pursued to build a sustainable future electricity mix. In this regard, this report explores what contributions are to be expected from the existing key low carbon technologies; nuclear power and renewable energy, with a focus on the former.
At the end of 2018, the nuclear renaissance dream of the 2000s seems far, so far. This broken dream originates in the industry own failures to deliver what it has promised; cheap and clean electricity. As a result, nuclear power share in global electricity generation decreased to just 10% in 2017 – an at least 33-year record low.
Based on hard cold facts, this report shows and explains nuclear power irreversible decline by introducing global and key countries developments, and by highlighting the industry overwhelming difficulties; cost, technology, and waste legacy.
Whereas Japan government still demonstrates a strong support for nuclear power, this report aims at recommending another path for the country energy policy. A path in which energy efficiency and renewable energy can lead to a more economic, sustainable, and safer future.     <Table of Contents>
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Nuclear Power on the Edge
    1. Global trends, status, and prospects; falling out of favor
    2. Key countries’ policies; not a pillar of CO2 emissions reduction
Chapter 2: Industrial Overwhelming Difficulties
    1. Cost; not cheap and getting more expensive
    2. Technology; a very challenging crossroad
    3. Decommissioning and spent fuel & radioactive waste disposal; little progress


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