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Renewables as the Major Power Source for Decarbonization
Japan’s Basic Energy Plan Should Depart from Coal and Nuclear

12 June 2018

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute released “Renewables as the Major Power Source for Decarbonization: Japan’s Basic Energy Plan Should Depart from Coal and Nuclear“ (Japanese original published 15 May 2018) to provide input for the revised Basic Energy Plan, currently prepared by the Japanese Government.

Further to the Institute’s previous recommendation, “Transitioning Energy Policies for a Decarbonized Society” which was released in February 2018, this new recommendation verifies the latest draft outline of the revised Basic Plan proposed by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) to the Strategic Policy Committee.

The Institute will continue offering recommendations on revisions to the Basic Energy Plan, and for the Long-term Low Emission Development Strategies, which the Government plans to develop.

View Japanese original (Published 15 May 2018)

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Transitioning Energy Policies for a Decarbonized Society:
Redirecting Discussions on the Basic Energy Plan and Long-term Low Emission Development Strategies

English version published on 15 February 2018, Japanese original on 30 January 2018


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