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The Ways Forward for Japan EPCOs in the New Energy Paradigm

6 October 2017

in Japanese

The Ways Forward for Japan EPCOs in the New Energy Paradigm

Renewable Energy Institute today released the report “The Ways Forward for Japan EPCOs in the New Energy Paradigm.”

Japan electric power companies (EPCOs) are at a crossroads entering a new energy paradigm characterized by three key challenges; energy transition, electricity system reform, and internationalization with nothing less at stake than their survival.

This report provides Japan EPCOs with constructive criticisms and ideas of strategies and new business models for the EPCOs to remain profitable in a dramatically changing environment.

While the wording may seem a bit dramatic, European EPCOs having faced these challenges to greater extents and painfully failed to address them quickly – many of them losing billions of euros in the past few years – may recognize that the words used are not excessive, but rather appropriate.

It is in the interest of Japan EPCOs, and in the superior interest of all Japan electricity customers, whether commercial and industrial or residential and local authorities, that Japan EPCOs should not be slowing down progresses, but rather leading the way in the new energy paradigm.

View Japanese edition
*The Japanese version is an edited version which differs in structure from the original English version.

<Table of Contents>
Executive Summary
Part I - Challenges and Critical Lessons
 1) Key Challenges Faced by Japan EPCOs
 2) Critical Lessons from the European EPCOs Experiences
Part II - New Business Models
 1) Electricity Generation; Turn Green
 2) Energy Networks and Integration; Embrace the Change
 3) Customers; Provide Much More than Just a Commodity


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