Full Release: “Offshore Wind Project Areas & Transmission Lines Map (beta version) ” Information on fishing rights, ports and nationwide power transmission lines are now available in addition to Japan’s offshore wind development projects

13 April 2023

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute is pleased to announce the full release of the "Offshore Wind Power Development Area & Transmission Line Map (beta version)".  The pre-released version released earlier on in October 2022, covered transmission line information in three prefectures in the Tohoku region. Today, we have integrated data for the entire country and the map now provides information on power transmission lines throughout Japan*.
*Detailed information on power lines in the Tokyo area will be added later. 

The "Offshore Wind Power Development Area & Transmission Lines Map (beta)" provides information on the status of offshore wind power development, including the development status in development zones based on the "Renewable Energy Sea Area Utilization Act" and port zones, as well as environmental assessments and zoning for the installation of offshore wind power. The information is available in both English and Japanese.

In addition, information on critical development issues such as power transmission lines, ports, fishing rights, distance from shore and water depths are also visualized. The data available has expanded from the three prefectures in the Tohoku region, namely Aomori, Akita and Iwate prefectures, to the data for the entire country; now data for all prefectures in Japan can be viewed.

On 7 April 2023, Renewable Energy Institute released a report entitled "Decarbonizing Grid Systems with Renewables," which presents a vision of what the grid will look like when it is 100% powered by renewables. In conjunction with this report, this national power grid map will provide a better understanding of appropriate power grid development in Japan.

By using this map, the development status of offshore wind power generation and related information can be viewed easily. We hope that this map will be actively utilized and serve as an essential reference tool for various studies and discussions.


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