Renewable Energy Institute is a signatory to "Global Wind Energy Manifesto for COP26"

19 October 2021

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Renewable Energy Institute has endorsed  "Global Wind Energy Manifesto for COP26" called by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).  This manifesto calls on governments to “get serious” ahead of COP26 and support public and private initiatives to secure the energy transition.  It is an important effort to help scale up wind to new heights and safeguard our planet for future generations and sets out eight actions needed to meet net zero.

More than 90 of the world’s leading wind energy companies, led by GWEC, including manufacturers, supply chain actors, investors and industry bodies from around the world have united to support this Manifesto.  Our Institute is one amongst them.

 List of signatories

The Eight Actions

1. Increase wind power ambition and reflect this in updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), comprehensive national climate strategies and long-term energy plans.

2. Commit to rapid phase out of coal-based generation now.

3. Design and implement energy markets for the future.

4. Implement streamlined and sensible permitting schemes for renewable energy projects to accelerate deployment and minimise project attrition.

5. Initiate plans to rapidly build out clean energy grids and charging stations for electric vehicles.

6. Develop cohesive and inclusive policies which dedicate public resource to the people-centred shift to a net zero economy.

7. Align national and regional finance flows with benchmarks for a net zero, 1.5°C-compliant pathway.

8. Advance voluntary cooperation on carbon pricing under articles 6.2 and 6.4 of the Paris agreement.


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