International Conference in Seoul
Asia Super Grid ― from concept to reality for North East Asia Speakers

  • Teruyuki Ohno
    Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute
    Before joining Renewable Energy Institute in August 2013, Teruyuki Ohno served as the Director General of the Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, for three years, covering a broad range of environmental issues including energy, climate change, waste management, pollution control, natural environment, and sustainable development. His notable achievements include reducing air pollution and PM emissions through “No Dirty Diesel Vehicle Strategy in Tokyo”, and implementing Japan’s first Cap-and-Trade Program in Tokyo in 2008, involving the industries and building a grand consensus. His active leadership in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency has formed the foundation of Tokyo’s energy policy. He was awarded Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards by California Air Resources Board in 2014. His latest publication is "Energy Strategies of Municipality Governments" (Iwanami, 2013, Japanese). He also serves as part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo, and a member of Seoul International Energy Advisory Council (SIEAC).
  • Heon Jung
    Vice President, Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER)
    Heon Jung received Ph.D. in Chem. E. from Washington State University in 1991 and started his carrier as a researcher at University of Pittsburgh and visiting researcher at PNNL. He joined Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) in 2005 as a Head of Conversion Process Research Team. Before appointed to his current position as a Vice President in 2014, Dr. Jung was as a Head of Synfuel Research Center, Head of Clean Fossil Fuel Research Center, Head of Clean Fuel Research Department, and Director of New & Renewable Energy Division. He also served as a Korean Representative of the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate Cleaner Fossil Energy Task Force between 2006 and 2010. His research areas are Coal to Liquids (CTL) process development, Hydrogen generation catalyst, and NOx control catalyst.
  • MP Young-gil SONG
    Chairman, Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation, Korea
    - Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation (Aug. 2017~)
    - Member of the 20th National Assembly, Republic of Korea (May 2016~)
    - Member, Strategy and Finance Committee, National Assembly
    - 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th National Assemblies
    - Member of the Minjoo Party of Korea representing the Gyeyang (B) District in Incheon Metropolitan City.

    Young-gil Song was a Special Envoy of President Moon Jae-in to the Russian Federation (May 2017), Head of Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-in Campaign of the Minjoo Party of Korea (Feb.-May 2017) and Fifth publicly-elected Mayor, Incheon Metropolitan City (2010-2014). He is also a lawyer and a Member of Lawyers for Democratic Society)

    Song studied Business Administration at Yonsei University and was the first directly-elected President of General Student Council (1988). He also studied Chinese Language and Literature & Japanese Studies at Korea National Open University (2005, 2013).
  • Chimeddorj Demchigjav
    Director General, Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Energy
    Chimeddorj Demchigjav serves as Director General of Policy Planning Department at the Ministry of Energy. Previously, he was CEO of Thermal Power Plant -3. An electrical engineer with 32 years of experience, he began his career at TPP-4. He served as senior dispatcher and CEO of the National Dispatch Center from 2001-2006. He holds MSc in Power System Engineering and graduated from Strayer University, Virginia US with MSc of Information Systems.
  • Shouhe Zhao
    Chief Representative, Japan Representative Office,
    Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)
    Shouhe Zhao joined State Grid Corporation of China in 1994 and has been focusing on international cooperation. He served as Assistant Chief Representative of State Grid Europe Representative Office in 2011. From 2006 to 2011 he was president of State Grid CETIC International Hydropower Development Company (Phnom Penh), responsible for two hydropower plants development in Cambodia. He was division director of International Cooperation Department in charge of M&A in Europe and Australia market since 2012. Since 2015, he is Chief Representative, Japan Representative Office, State Grid Corporation of China.
  • Young-jin Won
    Executive Vice President, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    Young-jin Won, who is an Executive Vice President and Chief Construction Officer in KEPCO, has over thirty years of experience in electric power industry since 1982. He is an expert at power grid planning, design and operation. He played a leading role for the stability of electric power supply by the design, construction and operation of reliable power grid.
    Now he is preparing other big projects for the environment and human-friendly power grid planning and making an effort to build advanced power grid utilizing new technologies such as HVDC, superconducting device, energy storage system. Dr. Won is carrying forward the super grid business in an effort to stabilize domestic power supply and develop a new growth driver.
  • Shigeki Miwa
    General Manager, CEO Project Office, SoftBank Group Corp.
    Representative Director & CEO of SB Energy Corp.
    Shigeki (Sean) Miwa holds several positions concurrently within the SoftBank Group including Representative Director & CEO of SB Energy Corp. (from 2017), General Manager – CEO Project Office (from 2016) at SoftBank Group Corp., Board Member of the Renewable Energy Institute (from 2014), Representative Director & CEO of Bloom Energy Japan Ltd.(from 2013) and Director of Clean Energy Asia LLC (from 2012). Before joining SoftBank in 2011, he worked for Mitsui & Co. Ltd., from 1991 mainly in the natural resources and energy sector, based in Tokyo, Sydney and Brisbane.
    Mr. Miwa graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo with a BA in history, received a Master of Financial Management and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University in Sydney, and completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School in Boston.
  • Sang-Hyup Kim
    Chairman, Coalition for Our Common Future
    Visiting Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    Sang-Hyup Kim is the chairman of Coalition for Our Common Future and a visiting professor at Graduate School of Green Growth, College of Business, KAIST. Prior to joining the KAIST (2013), Mr. Kim worked at the Office of the President of the Republic of Korea from 2008 as the Secretary for National Future and Vision, where he contributed in setting the historic “Low Carbon Green Growth” vision for Korea. In 2011, he became the Senior Secretary to the President for Green Growth, coordinating the planning, developing, and implementing Korea’s Green Growth strategy. He served as a member of the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum and now he serves as a co-chairman of Jeju Green Big Bang Committee.
  • Gilsoo JANG
    Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University
    Gilsoo Jang received his BE and MS degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Korea University and Ph. D. from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Iowa State University in U.S in 1997. He was a visiting scientist at the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Iowa State University from 1997 to 1998, a senior researcher at Power Systems Lab., Korea Electric Power Research Institute from 1998 to 2000, and a visiting associate professor of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University in U.S, from 2006 to 2007.
    Prof. Jang has been a professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University since 2000, and served as an Associate Dean for College of Engineering, Korea University from 2011 to 2013.
    He has actively participated in academic societies as a journal editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. He published more than 100 journal papers. His interests are in power system dynamics and controls, DC technology applications in power system engineering, integration of renewable energy resources, and power quality.
  • Bo Normark
    Special Advisor, Renewable Energy Institute
    Bo Normark has More than 35 years of industrial experience in including development, design, project management and global management of the Power Systems business including Smartgrid Technologies such as FACTS and HVDC. During his time in ABB he was also responsible for strategy and business development including how smart electrical grinds could be an enabler for building a more efficient and clean energy system.
    He currently serves as;
    - Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA),
    - Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Electric Storage in KIC Innoenergy, a EU engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy,
    - Member of the Research Board, Swedish Energy Agency
    - Board Member in the Swedish National Grid Company
    Global Head of Intelligent Mobility / Korea Representative, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
    Ali Izadi oversees an analyst team focused on the emerging field of intelligent mobility. The team produces analysis on business models, technologies and policies related to ride hailing, car sharing and autonomous driving. Previously He led the analysis team responsible for Japan and Korea's energy markets.
    Ali’s prior experience includes working at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and the fuel cell manufacturer, Ballard Power Systems. Ali has an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and a Doctorate in Materials Science from Meijo University.
  • Jinsoo Song
    Professor, Silla University
    Jinsoo Song graduated in electrical engineering and received his Ph.D degree from Korea University. He was a special research fellow at Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) from 1979~2013. During the period, he joined Argonne National Lab in 1979 as a visiting researcher and University of Minnesota as a visiting scholar in 1986. He became a distinguished professor at Silla University in 2014.
    Previously, he was in charge of the president of Korean Society for New & Renewable Energy (KSNRE) and the president of Korean Photovoltaic Society (KPVS). He was also a Korean representative of IEA-PVPS, IEC-TC82, and has been a member of advisory committee for international; conferences such as IEEE PVPS, EU-PVSEC, Int’l PVSEC and WCPEC.
    Prof. Song is currently a co-chairperson at the Int’l Consortium for Super Grid in Northeast Asia.
  • Hiroshi Takahashi
    Professor, Tsuru University
    Hiroshi Takahashi specializes in electricity system reform, public policy and local autonomy. He has actively been participating in the policy formation of Japan’s electricity system reform and renewable energy deployment as a Member of Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy as well as Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office. He obtained doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo and master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and currently serves as Professor at Tsuru University. His former career includes Product Planner at Sony Corporation, Deputy Director at IT Policy Office of Cabinet Secretariat, Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, and Research Fellow at Fujitsu Research Institute. He is the author of “Market Liberalization of Electric Utilities” published by Nihon Keizai Shinbun Shuppan-sha.
  • Philippe Lienhart
    Consultant Team Leader, ADB Strategy for NAPSI
    Strategy, Innovation and New Business Manager of Power System and Transmission Engineering Centre (CIST), Electricité de France (EDF).
    The Strategy for North East Asia Power System Interconnection (NAPSI) is a project by ADB which the proposed policy and advisory technical assistance will prepare a strategy for Northeast Asia Power System interconnection using Mongolia's abundant renewable energy. Philippe Lienhart, with his wide experience of over 35 years in the fields of electric power System, Transmission and Markets as well as a manager and an expert, leads the consulting team.
  • Sang-Min Nam
    Deputy Head, UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office (UNESCAP-ENEA)
    Sang-Min Nam is the Deputy Head and Senior Economic Affairs Officer, UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office since July 2013, and coordinates the North-East Asian Subregional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC). Prior to taking up the current assignment, he served as Environmental Affairs Officer at the UNESCAP Headquarters and ENEA Office since early 2005. Before joining the UN, he taught at Hanyang University in Seoul, served as an expert member of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development and the Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative of the Republic of Korea, respectively, and worked with Green Korea United, a leading environmental NGO in the ROK, as a founding member and programme and policy manager.
  • Jae Young Yoon
    Executive Director of Advanced Power System Division, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI)
    Jae Young Yoon has been with KERI since 1987 and working on electromagnetic transient analysis and power system planning using EMTP type program. Based on engineering concept, he has been studied the power system interconnection in terms of technical and economic feasibility between Northeast Asian countries including North Korea since 1998. He has been managing several projects on power cooperation between neighboring countries, Russia, China and Japan. He made some reports on power interconnection study results and an author of several papers published in KIEE and IEEE transactions.
  • Mika Ohbayashi
    Director, Renewable Energy Institute
    Mika Ohbayashi is a founding member and Director at Renewable Energy Institute since August 2011. Before joining the Institute, Ohbayashi worked for International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi as Policy and Project Regional Manager for Asia Oceania. She served as Deputy Director at Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies for 8 years since its establishment in 2000. She also worked for UKFCO at the British Embassy to Japan, as Advisor for Climate Change Projects and Policies before joining IRENA, and started her carrier in the energy field by joining Citizens' Nuclear Information Center in 1992. She coordinates many scientific study projects, takes leadership to team up various networks including national parliamentarians and local authorities, domestically and internationally to improve sustainable energy society. She was awarded the Global Leadership Award in Advancing Solar Energy Policy by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) in 2017.
  • Teruhisa Oi
    Senior Energy Specialist, Energy Division, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank
    Teruhisa Oi (Teru), who is a national of Japan, is a Senior Energy Specialist at Energy Division, East Asia Department of Asian Development Bank since 2004. Including the Strategy for Northeast Asia Power System Interconnection (NAPSI), he is responsible for leading projects in China and Mongolia such as district heating and cooling, energy efficiency, energy sector planning, and renewable energy.

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