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International Conference
Renewables in an Interconnected Energy System

26 November 2019

in Japanese

Low cost and fast deployment of renewable energy is bringing a major transformation to the world. Renewables are already the cheapest power source of any energy in most parts of the world. This accelerates an energy shift that will have geopolitical effects. It will also provide an economic opportunity of radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

How can we use these opportunities to improve the energy conditions of previously import dependent region in the world? What are the economic benefits of transmission capacity within countries, between countries and in global interconnectedness? How will transmission interact with battery storage and the use of low cost electricity to substitute fossil fuel and to produce fuels?

The conference highlights the expanding trend of renewables in East Asian countries, and will seek opportunities to integrate those countries with advanced transmission systems.

Event Details

Date & Time Tuesday, 26 November 2019 14:00~17:30 (doors open at 13:30)
Venue BASE Q  Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 6F Access
Organizers Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)
Renewable Energy Institute
Admission Free(prior registration required)Register Here

Program  ※As of 13 November 2019.  Program and speakers are subject to change.  Simultaineous translation provided (Japanese, English).


Welcome & Opening:
Tomas Kåberger, Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Renewables in East Asia
 Renewable energy development in Japan
Miho Kurosaki Head of Japan and Korea Research, BloombergNEF

・Accelerated renewables expansion in China and transmission system development program
Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)

・New energy policy development in Korea
Seokhwan Jeon Senior Manager, Supergrid Team, Power System Planning Department, Korean Electricity Power Company (KEPCO)


Panel Discussion: The Grid Flexibility and Renewables Integration
 Ryuichi Yokoyama, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University   
 Takeo Kikkawa, Professor, Graduate School of Management, Tokyo University of Science
 Hiroshi Takahashi, Professor, Tsuru University, Japan
[Moderator] Teruyuki Ohno, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute


Panel Discussion: Renewable Expansion Continues
 Doug Arent, Deputy Associate Lab Director, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
 Dimitri Pescia, Senior Associate, Agora Energiewende
 Izumi Kaizuka, Principal Analyst and Director of Research Division, RTS Corporation
 Yasuharu Sato, General Manager, North East Asia Business Department, Strategic Business Division, SB Energy Corp.
 Mika Ohbayashi, Director, Renewable Energy Institute

[Moderator]  Tomas Kåberger, Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute


*To the Press:  Please kindly refrain from conducting interviews during the reception.



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