Green Building Symposium Decarbonizing Buildings and HousingsSynergy of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Building Sector

5 October 2018

in Japanese

In line with the Paris Agreement, decarbonization in the building sector has to accelerate both in terms of speed and depth. Japan’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) submitted to the UNFCCC sets a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target of 40% by FY2030 compared with FY2013 in the building sector (commercial and residential).

Achieving such goal in reducing GHG emissions requires not only to seriously boost energy efficiency in buildings, but also to deploy and utilize renewable energy on a large scale, and commit to decarbonize the power sector. In fact, energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy deployment in the building sector, when pursued together, can exert significant effects on emissions reduction, but such synergies are not widely recognized yet.

Amory B. Lovins, author of the influential book “Reinventing Fire,” in which he affirmed that decarbonization can create a prosperous economy, is invited to this symposium among other experts.  By getting insight on their views on the future outlook of buildings and energy uses in the era of global decarbonization, we hope this symposium can provide a platform to discuss and understand what the challenges are and what needs to be done today.


Opening Remarks
Teruyuki Ohno   Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute

“Integrative Design for Radical Efficiency at Lower Cost” DL
Amory B. Lovins  Co-founder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Institute

“Decarbonization in the Building Sector: a Paradigm Shift in the SDG Era” 
Shuzo Murakami   Director, IBEC, Chair IBEC-GBF


“ZEB Road Map and Decarbonization of Buildings”
Shin-ichi Tanabe  Professor, Waseda University

“Renewable Energy: the Global Choice” DL
Masaya Ishida  Renewable Energy Business Group, Renewable Energy Institute

“Introduction and Utilizing of Natural Energy in Net ZEB practice” DL
Hiroaki Takai  Principal Engineer (Environment), Takenaka CO. Ltd.

“Application of Renewable Energy for ZEH and its Contribution to the Grid” DL
Takashi Oyama  General Director, ZEH Association, CEO, Eco Woks. Co.

“Decarbonizing Buildings and Housings: Synergy of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” DL
Yuko Nishida  Manager, Climate Change Group, Renewable Energy Institute


Panel Discussion
 Amory B. Lovins Rocky Mountain Institute
 Shinichi Tanabe  Professor, Waseda University
 Hiroaki Takai Takenaka CO. Ltd.
 Takashi Oyama ZEH Association / Eco Woks. Co.

Moderator: Yuko Nishida  Manager, Climate Change Group, Renewable Energy Institute

Event Details

Date & Time Friday, 5 October 2018 14:00-17:00
Venue Base Q  Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Supported by Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC)
Green Building Japan (GBJ)
The Association for Promotion of ZEH
Admission Free  (prior registration required)


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