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Capacity Building Workshop
Market Modelling Toward Massive Deployment of Variable Renewable Energy

24 July 2018

in Japanese

Market modelling for forecasting power demand and supply, grid operations, and assessing the impact of wind and solar power on the wholesale electricity market, is an extremely important tool for system planning/operation and making policy and business judgements when large-scale deployment of variable renewable energy is carried out. In this seminar, two experts have been invited to present an overview of the German experience in renewable energy integration and modelling, market modelling, and grid modelling; namely an expert from European Elia Group, owner of the German power transmission system operator, 50 Hertz, which has an average share of renewables of about 50% in annual electricity consumption, and an energy expert from the German think-tank, Agora Energiewende.


Peter Merk Power Systems Expert, Power System Operations and Security, Elia Grid International
Dimitri Pescia  Senior Associate, Agora Energiewende

Tatsuya Wakeyama Associate Professor, Global Energy Research Alliance Unit, Kyushu University and Senior Research Fellow, Renewable Energy Institute



Session 1: Overview of Renewable Energy Integration and Modelling —Experience from Germany

  • ・Experience from Germany: Grid Integration Cost Study
  • ・Market and Power System Modelling Tool Chain in Germany
  • ・Congestion Management Studies in Germany

Session 2: Market Modelling —Methodology and Application

  • ・Market Modelling in a TSO Environment
  • ・Methodology: Optimization and Constrains

Session 3: Grid Modelling —Methodology and Application

  • ・Power System Stability Overview and Studies
  • ・Impact of Renewables on System Stability
  • ・Stability Study Example: Future System Intertia (2017)
  • ・Stability Study Example: System Split (2018)

Spekaers profile

  • Peter Merk
    Peter Merk
    Power Systems Expert, Power System Operations and Security, Elia Grid International

    Peter Merk (Dipl. Eng.) is a power system operation and security expert at EGI. He graduated in 2010 from the University of Aachen with a Masters in Electrical Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems. Prior to joining EGI he worked for 5 years at Younicos, a Berlin-based battery system developer where he was responsible for the power conversion systems and power system studies team.
    Since joining EGI he has become the key expert on grid operational planning methodologies for accommodating renewables, including topics such as congestion management, balancing reserves and grid security analysis.

  • Dimitri Pescia
    Dimitri Pescia
    Senior Associate, Agora Energiewende

    Dimitri Pescia is Senior Associate at Agora Energiewende, a leading German think-tank in the field of power sector transformation, where he is responsible for international energy policies and global energy transition. He previously worked for the French Department of Economic Affairs – international network of the Treasury – at the French Embassy in Berlin from 2008 to 2013. Head of section Energy and raw materials, he worked to reinforce the French- German bilateral cooperation and conducted numerous studies about the German energy, environment and raw material policies. From 2005 to 2007 he worked as a scientific policy officer for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a focus on energy efficiency, transportation and engineering. Native French speaker, Dimitri Pescia holds a Master of Science in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and an Imperial College London International Diploma in Physics.

Date Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Venue Conference room A, AP Shimabshi Toranomon
Organizer Renewable Energy Institute
Admission by invitation only


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