Information Package Japan’s Nuclear Power New Policy: Off the Mark

17 February 2023

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute releases today "Japan’s Nuclear Power New Policy: Off the Mark".

The Japanese government’s answer to the current global energy crisis is to revive the country’s weakened domestic nuclear power industry. It is found that this new policy is disconnected from reality and overly ambitious. Therefore, it is inappropriate. Instead, decarbonization, and energy security policy efforts should urgently prioritize the acceleration of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy deployment.

The findings of this information-package are supported by up-to-date data and facts on nuclear power both in Japan and in the world.
<Table of Contents>
Part 1: Japan Focus
 Issue #1    Japanese government’s FY 2030 nuclear power target: wishful thinking
 Issue #2    Existing nuclear reactors: uneconomic
 Issue #3    Nuclear reactors availability: prolonged outages
 Issue #4    Japanese “next-generation” nuclear reactors: not innovative design prioritized
 Issue #5    Nuclear power to strengthen energy security: impossibility to go from theory to reality
 Issue #6    Reactor decommissioning and spent fuel & radioactive waste disposal: slow progress
Part 2: Global Trends
 Issue #1    Nuclear power installed capacity and electricity generation: eclipsed by solar and wind
 Issue #2    Nuclear reactors under construction: China and Russia’s leaderships
 Issue #3    Nuclear power costs: new builds outcompeted everywhere
 Issue #4    “Next-generation” reactors: general lack of maturity
 Issue #5    Nuclear power new policies: more favorable, but significant hurdles remain to be cleared
 Issue #6    Reactor decommissioning and spent fuel & radioactive waste disposal: widespread difficulties

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