Cost and Technology Trends for Onshore Wind Power in Japan

23 May 2022

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute published “Cost and Technology Trends for Onshore Wind Power in Japan”  (original Japanese version released on 22 March 2022).
The Japanese government's Power Generation Cost Verification Working Group calculates the cost of generating electricity from onshore wind power at 21.6 yen/kWh in 2014 and 19.8 yen/kWh in 2020, assessing that cost reductions have not progressed. Onshore wind power is one of the main sources of renewable energy in Japan, and it is significantly important to improve its economic efficiency and to promote its full-scale introduction.

This study analyzes the cost structure of onshore wind power in Japan and discusses the potential for reducing the generation cost of onshore wind power, while evaluating recent technological trends in onshore wind turbines.

We hope this report will contribute to the development of wind power in Japan.

<Table of Contents>
1. Introduction    
2. Onshore wind power technology trends in Japan    
 2.1    Summary of data    
 2.2    Trends in onshore turbine technologies
 2.3    Capacity factor 
3    Trends in Onshore Wind Power Costs in Japan    
 3.1    Installation costs    
 3.2    Wind turbine costs    
 3.3    Foundation and site preparation costs    
 3.4    Electrical work and transmission infrastructure costs    
4    Conclusion: Summary of Analysis Results and the Potential for Reducing Onshore Wind Power Costs in Japan
5    References    

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