Electricity Certificate for RenewablesComparison of Japanese and International Systems

27 April 2022

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute published “Electricity Certificate for Renewables: Comparison of Japanese and International Systems.”   The full Japanese edition is compiled for Japanese stakeholders to help them recognize the roles and requirements for electricity certificates (or energy attribute certificates) and covers information on major certificates including GO in Europe, REC in North America, I-REC in various nations and the Japanese local certificates.

The English edition focuses on the Japanese electricity certificates (Chapter 3 of the Japanese edition) mainly on Non-Fossil Certificate (NFC), currently used as the nation’s standard certificate for renewable or CO2-free electricity.  Major issues and proposed reforms of the Japanese electricity certificates are also presented.
<Table of Contents of the Japanese edition>     *English edition indicated in bold and with an asterisk

Introduction: Toward Reliable Electricity Certificates*
Chapter 1: Role and Requirements for Electricity Certificates
 1-1. Environmental Value and Certification Methods
 1-2. Usage of Electricity Certificates
 1-3. Requirements for Electricity Certificates
 1-4. Framework of the Certificate System
Chapter 2: Electricity Certificates Around the World
 2-1. GOs in Europe
 2-2. RECs in North America
 2-3. I-RECs outside Europe and North America
 2-4. Other Electricity Certificates
Chapter 3: Japanese Electricity Certificates*
 3-1. Non-Fossil Certificates*
 3-2. Green Electricity Certificates and J-Credits*
 3-3. Major Issues of Japanese Electricity Certificates*
 3-4. Proposed Reforms*


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