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Information-Package Nuclear Power Decline in Japan

6 July 2020

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute releases today "Nuclear Power Decline in Japan". 

Not very performant and reliable before the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, the Japanese nuclear industry does not manage to get back on its feet since this disaster.
This Information-Package is intended to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information on Nuclear power in Japan to better understand the new economic, social and technological realities it is confronted with.
Because of nuclear power’s current difficulties, and with dark clouds gathering over its future, we argue that political support in favor of this technology should be reviewed. Issue 1: Less reactors and capacity  
Issue 2: Slow restart
Issue 3: Small generation
Issue 4: Unachievable FY 2030 target         
Issue 5: Minor capacity in FY 2050
Issue 6: Huge restart costs
Issue 7: Uneconomic dispatch
Issue 8: Unreliable supply
Issue 9: Decommissioning, reprocessing, etc.
Appendix: List of reactors

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