Renewable Electricity Procurement Guidebook (3rd Edition)for Corporations and Local Governments

9 January 2020

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute has been publishing the “Renewable Electricity Procurement Guidebook” for business energy users in Japan since January 2018 and the content is revised and updated with the latest information every year.
The 3rd edition as of January 2020 features three types of Green Products, “FIT Electricity”, “Non-FIT Electricity” and “Hydro Electricity” based on electricity provided by retailers whether it comes from power plants applied for FIT (Feed-in-Tariff), or mainly from large hydro power plants.  In addition, Renewable Energy Certificates are becoming widely used and this guidebook provides latest information including price and availability in detail.
The full edition of the guidebook is written in Japanese and the digest edition in English, summarizing electricity procurement methods focusing on Green Products and Renewable Energy Certificates, is prepared for global corporations.

<Full Edition>  (in Japanese)
自然エネルギーの電力を増やす:企業・自治体向け 電力調達ガイドブック

<Table of Contents> (Full Edition)
Chapter 1. Objective and Background of the Guidebook
Chapter 2. Renewable Energy Sources and Selection Criteria
Chapter 3. Renewable Electricity Procurement Methods
   3-1. On-site Generation
   3-2. Green Products
   3-3. Renewable Energy Certificates
   3-4. Long-term Investment (PPA)
   3-5. Considerations in Procurement
Chapter 4. Evaluation by CDP for Renewable Electricity
Chapter 5. Renewable Electricity Procurement outside Japan


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