Messages of Support for Renewable Energy Institute From Global Energy Organizations and Associations

10 May 2024

in Japanese

In response to the baseless defamation of Renewable Energy Institute in the recent incident concerning the inclusion of a logo in the Renewable Energy Task Force meeting slides, a video message of support has been provided by numerous representatives of global energy organizations and associations from around the world, including IRENA, GWEC and the Global Solar Council. The messages highlight the role that Renewable Energy Institute has played in Japan and around the world in driving the shift towards renewable energy, as well as their commitment to continued collaboration.

Renewable Energy Institute is grateful for the support it has received and reaffirms its commitment to working with its partners to drive forward the energy transition.

【Short Version】(4 min 33 sec)

【Long Version】(10 min 11 sec)

Messages from (in order of appearance):

  • Francesco La Camera    Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency
  • Ben Backwell    CEO, Global Wind Energy Council
  • Sonia Dunlop    CEO, Global Solar Council
  • Rebecca Williams    Global Head of Offshore Wind, Global Wind Energy Council
  • Amory B. Lovins   Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University / Cofounder and Chairman Emeritus, RMI
  • Bruce Douglas    CEO, Global Renewables Alliance
  • Jonas Moberg    CEO, Green Hydrogen Organisation
  • Stefan Gsänger    Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association
  • Sven Teske    Associate Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney
  • Stefan Schurig    Senior Advisor, Foundations Platform F20 
  • Dörte Fouquet    Lawyer/Partner, Becker Büttner Held
  • Katrin Harvey    Secretary General, Foundations Platform F20


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