Takeshi Kobayashi Joins Renewable Energy Institute as Council Member, and Toru Morotomi as Board Member

23 June 2023

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Renewable Energy Institute is pleased to introduce new executive members; Takeshi Kobayashi as council member and Toru Morotomi as board member.

Takeshi Kobayashi
Council Member
Representative Director, ap bank

Takeshi Kobayashi has produced numerous artists since the 1980s, including popular bands known as “Southern All Stars” and “Mr. Children.”  After the 1990s, he became active in film and music, crossing genre boundaries, as represented by the creative collaboration works such as “Swallowtail” and “All About Lily Chou-Chou.” In 2003, he founded 'ap bank' with Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr. Children and Ryuichi Sakamoto, and has initiated various projects for establishing a sustainable system with renewable energy and food recycling, as well as helping reconstruction and recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. He is the production and executive committee chairperson of the Reborn-Art Festival, an art festival launched with the aim of revitalizing the disaster affected regions of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Toru Morotomi
Board Member
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University

Toru Morotomi graduated from Doshisha University with a B.A. in Economics in 1993, and completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University in 1998. He has been associate professor at the Faculty of Economics in Yokohama National University, and at the Graduate School of Economics, the School of Government, and at the Graduate School of Economics in Kyoto University before assuming his current position in March 2010.

His major publications include "Theory and Practice of Environmental Taxes" (Yuhikaku, 2000), "Environment: Frontier of Thinking" (Iwanami Shoten, 2003) among others on tax and economy. He is co-author of "Road to Low Carbon Economy" (Iwanami Shinsho, 2010), "Decarbonizing Society and Policy Mix" (Nippon Hyoron Sha, 2010), "Japanese Electricity Market Liberalization and Renewable Energy" (Nippon Hyoron Sha, editor and author, 2015), "Renewable Energy and Regional Development" (Nippon Hyoron Sha, editor and author, 2015), "An Introductory Guide to to Renewable Energy and the Electric Power System” (Nippon Hyoron Sha, editor and author, 2019), among others.

He has served on numerous government and municipal committees, as ad-hoc member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy," member of the Ministry of the Environment's joint subcommittee of the Central Environment Council's “Experts Committee on Environmental Taxation," member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Environment Council," member of the Ministry of the Environment's "Experts Committee on Policy Design of Domestic Emissions Trading System," member of the Asahi Shimbun's "Book Review Committee," an ad-hoc member of the Ministry of the Environment's "Central Environment Council," and an affiliate member of the 25th Science Council of Japan.


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