Renewable Energy Institute signs MOU with Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI)

29 November 2018

in Japanese

Renewable Energy Institute recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea Energy Economics Institute.
The agreement mainly stipulates that both parties will be convinced to establish a framework for the exchange of energy policy and economics information and institutional cooperation.
Specifically, both parties agree to:
1. Exchange information, mainly regular data and publications that mutually agree to share
2. Conduct joint seminars and workshops on energy and economic issues which are of common interest to the Parties
3. Implement collabarative research projects that covers energy transition including economics and optimization of grid planning of renewable power sources
4. Visit and exchange of researchers/experts
Together with this agreement, both parties seek to work jointly in advancing policy studies on renewable energy.
<About Korea Energy Economics Institute>
Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI) located in Ulsan, South Korea, was founded in 1986 and is a research institute specializing in the energy sector.  KEEI sets to develop policies on national energy and natural resources, and contributes to the national economy by collecting, investigating, analyzing, and disseminating information, and by educating policymakers on a variety of trends and information regarding energy and natural resources.

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