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Speakers Profile [KIREC Seoul 2019 Side Event] Future Prospects of Renewable Energy Policy in AsiaMaximize Renewable Power Market

22 October 2019

  • Paolo Frankl
    Head of Renewable Energy Division, IEA
    Paolo Frankl is Head of the Renewable Energy Division at the International Energy Agency (IEA), which he
    joined in 2007. He leads the IEA’s work on renewable energy, providing policy advice in the areas of
    technology, markets and systems integration. He is a member of several international advisory committees,
    including the EU PVSEC International Scientific Advisory Board and the Helmholtz Association of German
    Research Centres.
  • Sohee Kim
    Secretary General, Climate Change Center, Korea
    With over 20years’ work experience, she is specialist in area of climate and sustainability.  She is Secretary General of Climate Change Center(CCC), Seoul-based INGO established in 2008. CCC brings together influential public-private-academia experts committed to realize low-carbon society. She has over 10 years’ experience raising awareness of Korean opinion leaders through Climate Executive Program, proposing climate policy to the related Ministries and leading climate and sustainability projects in developing countries.  Prior to joining CCC, she worked for Plan International Korea around 10years spearheading development projects especially poverty, education and gender area in several developing countries.  She is currently member of Energy Committee under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. She is also board member of The Korean Society of Climate Change Research and  The Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy. She holds an MSc in Development Studies  from SOAS, the University of London.
  • Irene Giner-Reichl
    President, Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition
    In the Austrian Diplomatic Service for more than 30 years with extensive experience in multilateral work,
    especially in sustainable development, climate change and gender issues. Worked on bringing energy in the
    sustainability discussion since 1999, proud to lead on SDG 7 and on supporting women in energy globally as
    President of GWNET ( ). Former Austrian Ambassador to China and Mongolia, and
    current Ambassador to Brazil and Suriname.
  • Hiroshi Takahashi
    Professor, Tsuru University, Japan
    Hiroshi Takahashi specializes in public policy and energy policy. He obtained doctoral degree from the
    University of Tokyo and master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and currently serves
    as Professor at Tsuru University. His former career includes Deputy Director at IT Policy Office of Cabinet
    Secretariat, Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, and Research Fellow at Fujitsu Research Institute.
  • Emanuele Bianco
    Associate Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
    Emanuele Bianco is an Associate Programme Officer in the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), where he is responsible for the work on a range of renewable energy policy topics including policy design, regional renewable energy market analyses and power market design assessment. Before joining IRENA, he worked in the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the Italy’s Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE). He has a combined 10 years of experience in renewable energy policy analysis. He has received an M.Eng. in Nuclear and Energy Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Turin.
  • Tomas Kåberger
    Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute
    Tomas Kåberger has been the Chair of Executive Board of Renewable Energy Institute since its foundation in
    2011. Before joining the institute, he was Director General of the National Swedish Energy Agency from 2008.
    He has served on board of several Swedish Government Committees developing energy and environmental
    legislation, and China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development as a member of a task force on Low-Carbon Industrialization Strategies. He is also a member of the Swedish Climate Policy
    Council established in 2018.
  • Mika Ohbayashi
    Director, Renewable Energy Institute
    Mika Ohbayashi is a founding member and Director at Renewable Energy Institute since 2011. Before joining
    the Institute, she worked for International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) as Policy and Project Regional
    Manager for Asia Oceania. Prior to that, she served as Deputy Director at Institute for Sustainable Energy
    Policies since its establishment in 2000. She was awarded the Global Leadership Award in Advancing Solar
    Energy Policy by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) in 2017.
  • Masaya Ishida
    Senior Manager, Renewable Energy Institute
    Masaya Ishida joined Renewable Energy Institute in 2017 to lead research activities on renewable energy business. He he has published "The Rise of Renewable Energy and Fall of Nuclear Power: Competition of Low Carbon Technologies" (2019), "Guidebook to Renewable Energy Procurement: for corporations and municipalities" (1st edition 2018, 2nd edition 2019), "Renewable Energy in the US Power Sector, the Other Revolution" (2018) , "The Ways Forward for Japan EPCOs in the New Energy Paradigm" (2017) and is a regular contributor to column articles and case-story articles that introduce renewable energy projects across Japan. In addition, he has been responsible to launch Renewable Energy Users Network (RE-Users), a network of corporate energy users that aim to accelerate renewable procurement in Japan.

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