Change of Organization's English name and website URL 30 March 2016

Renewable Energy Institute-Now the official English name of “自然エネルギー財団,” previously called Japan Renewable Energy Foundation.

“The new English name shows the organization is not only active in Japan. We also want to make clear we are dealing with knowledge, not finance”, says Executive Board Chair Tomas Kåberger as the new English name was announced.

The original Japanese name “自然エネルギー財団” remains the same. Ambitions remain the same: to support the efficient deployment of low cost renewable energy so as to make dangerous climate change as well as further Fukushima like nuclear accidents unnecessary.

The geographical scope is widening as the institute is involved in more Asian cooperation to make economic development easier in Asia without the constraints of limited supplies of non-renewable energy.

While the office is unchanged, the new internet domain is, and email addresses of the office and staff members will change accordingly.

We appreciate your support to reflect above changes with your devices and address books.

Thank you very much.

New website URL


New e-mail address

*previous domain remains active for a while.

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For more information, please contact us:

Renewable Energy Institute
TEL:03-6895-1020 / FAX: 03-6895-1021
E-mail: info※ (Please change ※ into @)

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