Tomas Kåberger elected as Board Member of Vattenfall 1 May 2015


Tomas Kåberger, Executive Board Chair at Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, has been elected onto the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Company Vattenfall. Vattenfall delivers approximately 200 TWh of electricity per year and is Europes 6th largest EPC.

- I am humble in front of the challenges and responsibilities as director of a power company in these days of dramatic development in the energy sector, says Kåberger. But it is an honor to be given this responsibility, and I hope I can live up to the expectations.

Kåberger has, at the same time, agreed to continue in the position with JREF for yet another two years, despite his new responsibilities in Europe.

- I feel committed to continue supporting people in Japan becoming independent of imported energy. This commitment, and directing Vattenfall, are both important and difficult and therefore my priority to work with. To make time available for my new task in Vattenfall I will resign from some other, less difficult or less important, positions and reduce my work at the university. But I will stand by Japanese people also during coming years.

As the world is developing new opportunities making economic development possible without nuclear catastrophes or devastating climate change, Japan Renewable Energy Foundation is trying to make these opportunities used in Japan as well.

- Of all countries, Japan has most to gain from using the new opportunities quickly. In order to support their country, Japan’s electric power companies should also start using modern technologies instead of resisting development, says Kåberger.

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