International Conference in Seoul:
“Asia Super Grid ―from concept to reality for North East Asia”
8 November 2017

日本語 / 한국어

On 30 October 2017, an international conference entitled “Asia Super Grid – from concept to reality for North East Asia” was held at the PLAZA HOTEL in Seoul, South Korea.

This conference was jointly organized by Renewable Energy Institute, Korea Research Institute on Energy, Asia Development Bank (ADB), Korea Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation, and Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

The concept of “Asia Super Grid” which is to utilize and exchange the vast renewable energy resources in Asian countries, has been well-discussed at numerous international conferences. Recognition on its necessity, economic rationality, and technological potential is widely shared.

In this conference, government officials and representatives of research institutes and companies promoting energy interconnections from South Korea, Japan, China and Mongolia gathered and discussed the way to realize power interconnection in Asia.

At the opening of the conference, Teruyuki Ohno, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute, said that “President Moon Jae-in, assuming the presidency in this May, has proposed the countries to begin discussions to establish Northeast Asia Super Grid under the banner of energy transformation. Both in the world and in Asia, there is a growing demand to realize international power interconnections.”

The keynote speech was given by Member of Parliament Song Young-gil, Chairman, Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation, newly created by President Moon to promote economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. MP Song called for concrete action towards the realization of power interconnection in Asia:

“It is high time to speed up discussions and talk about the details toward realization of Asia Super Grid. Not just discussion but more action is required. Our Korea Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation will cooperate fully to produce concrete results. We aim to realize this by combining your wisdom.”

In the latter part of the conference, Korea Electric Power Corporation representatives and other Korean speakers, government official from Mongolia, representatives from international organizations and electric power experts from China, Japan and Europe participated in a panel discussion that focused on discussions on how to prompt governments to make decisions. During the session, it was mentioned that the key to achieve ambitious renewable energy share targets in South Korea and other Asian countries, lies in the development of international interconnection.

About 200 participants met at the conference, which shows a high interest in power interconnection in Asia.

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