REPORT: Coal Business and Policy Trends
-What Japanese investors should know after the Paris Agreement-
18 October 2016

The tide is turning against coal related businesses. Even the biggest coal consumers such as China and the United States are reducing their consumption and some major coal mining companies are getting bankrupt one after another. The largest European power companies shut down and sold a number of coal-fired power plants. Rapid expansion of "divestment" to withdraw the investment from fossil fuel resources, and strengthening of carbon emission regulations on coal-fired power plants, have spurred the withdrawal from the coal business.

In Japan, trading companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire coal mining interests, which they had to sell for just about a dollar recently. There is no doubt that the entry into force of the Paris Agreement will accelerate this trend to move away from coal. In Japan at the same time, 48 new coal power plants are planned.
This report introduces the latest global coal business and policy trends to avoid investment mistakes for Japanese investors in the era towards global de-carbonization.

Download Coal Business and Policy Trends (in Japanese only)
世界の石炭ビジネスと政策の動向~パリ協定後の投融資を誤らないために~ (2.2MB)

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