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Recommendations for Reform of the Electricity System
For Establishing an Electricity System with a significant share of Renewable Energy 24 May 2016

Download Recommendations for Reform of the Electricity System (0.5MB)

Thirteen recommendations for reform

Recommendation 1: Strict control of compliance under legal unbundling

Recommendation 2: Ownership unbundling and other possibilities for further structural arrangements

Recommendation 3: Functions of OCCTO

Recommendation 4: Implicit auctions held to employ inter-regional transmission

Recommendation 5: Enhancement of wholesale markets in size and diversity

Recommendation 6: Steps to integrate renewable energy into the wholesale electricity market

Recommendation 7: Priority dispatch based on merit order

Recommendation 8: Market design to help make the electricity system more flexible

Recommendation 9: Obligatory disclosure of easy to understand "fuel mix labeling" information helpful for consumer choice

Recommendation 10: Establish a green electricity market

Recommendation 11: Enhanced authority for the Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission

Recommendation 12: Effective supervision of the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators

Recommendation 13: Greater independence and neutrality secured for the Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission

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