The Opinion Ad on Offshore Wind Placed in the Nikkei

4 April 2023

in Japanese

With endorsements by the offshore wind power industry and related organization, Renewable Energy Institute and Japan Wind Power Association, JWPA, jointly placed an opinion advertisement on the deployment of offshore wind in the morning edition of the Nikkei on April 4.

We hope G7 to accelerate offshore wind deployment.

Ocean. Seeing the potential that lies ahead,
many countries have begun full-scale efforts.
We would like to invite the G7 leaders to discuss,
at the G7 Ministers' Meeting on Climate, Energy and Environment
that will be held soon,
the attracting power generation using offshore wind,
which is about to become common sense in the world.
For Japan, which is surrounded by the sea,
the benefits it brings are enormous.
While coexisting with fisheries and local communities,
while protecting the ecosystem,
we will carefully utilize the sea
as a place to create sustainable energy.
Now is the time to open the path
and set sail for a prosperous future.
The time has come to change course
in order to seriously promote CO2 reduction
together with the countries of the world.
Industry is also hoping for a shift.
Offshore wind power in Japan, too.

Hope is above the sea.

For more information on offshore wind, view here

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